Entry consultation is free with us!

You may find us in Bratislava and Komárno.

We provide our price offers individually.

Each price offer is tailor-made.

Accounting - processing of the complete agenda

We prefer invoicing based on the time required and not by journal entry. VAT processing is also included.

  • The hourly remuneration depends on the intensity and difficulty of the work (at least 1 hour per month): from 30 € / hour.


It is also possible to choose a monthly lump sum, in which case the price of the financial statements is included in the monthly installments.


Establishment of a company

Depending on the legal form, the organizational structure, the connection and the cooperation of the client:

  • establishment s.r.o. (sro): from 499 €

  • establishment of v.o.s. (vos): from 499 €

  • establishment of k.s. (ks): from 549 €

Sale of an existing (ready made sro) company:

  • s.r.o. non VAT payer: from 599 €

  • s.r.o. VAT payer: from 2999 €

Provision of the company's registered office - virtual registered office (monthly): from € 40


Consulting according to type and complexity: from 50 € / hour.

  • economic and business

  • accounting

  • tax

  • wage

  • legal

Wage agenda

The price depends on the complexity and difficulty of the employment: 10 € - 20 € / month.

Financial statements (FS) and company income tax (CIT) return: from 150 €


Tax return:

  • income tax (employee in SK) - 15 €
  • income tax (employee abroad, possibly also in SK) - 40 €
  • income tax (entrepreneur - flat rate) - from 50 €
  • income tax (combination) - from 60 €
  • motor vehicle tax / road tax - from 30 €
  • real estate tax - from 30 €
  • company income tax - from 100 €


VAT refund - request for VAT refund from the EU: from 30 €


The listed price list does not include all our offered services.


Our pricing policy is opened and transparent. When creating prices for the services provided, we do not hide any surcharges or any misleading methodologies in the calculation of works. We invoice for our services only according to the actually performed and realized works. Although we do not set up our prices according to the client's financial results, the client's options are always taken into consideration to optimize and streamline the work.

Based on the above price list, you can calculate only the approximate price of services, in case of any questions do not hesitate to contact us and ask for a non-binding price offer.