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Everything you need to establish a Slovakian  company.

Accounting Slovakia services

Accounting services

• Financial accounting - single and double-entry accounting
• Tax accounting
• Accounting advice and consulting
• Processing of VAT agenda (DP, KV, SV), VAT registration
• Accounting reporting monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, etc.
• Financial statements for micro, small and large entities
• Tax return on income tax of FO and PO
• Record of property and logbook
• Intrastat and other statistical reports
• Development of internal guidelines
• Control, analysis, and reconstruction of accounting
• Preparation of audit accounts


Accounting Slovakia accountancy


• Tax strategic planning
• Making investments and various transactions
• International taxation
• Transfer pricing and preparation of transfer documentation
• Inland and abroad tax registrations 
• Tax calculations
• Processing of all tax returns
• Representation before the tax office
• Representation and assistance in tax audits
• Preparation of opinions
• VAT refund

Accounting Slovakia Taxes

Company establishment

• Complete company establishment
• Sale of ready-made companies
• Securing the company's registered office
• Transfer of business share
• Complete consulting - a selection of a suitable form of tailor-made business

Accounting Slovakia company establishment

Payroll calculation

Payroll accounting - complete payroll processing for an unlimited number of employees

• Payroll and consultancy
• Help in registering employers
• Calculation and settlement of wages
• Singing in and out of employees from and to insurance companies
• Annual tax clearing and tax returns
• Preparation of employee statements
• Compiling employee reports and reports
• Reporting

Accounting Slovakia payroll

Legal services

Ask us about Slovak laws

Our contract attorneys are specialists in civil, commercial and criminal law and they help us to prepare contracts, respectively their assessment.
We cooperate in:
• establishment of a company
• selling or buying a company
• transfer of ownership interest
• liquidation of the company
• business combinations
We can also provide legal advice at the client's request.

Accounting Slovakia Law Attorney
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