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Complete Online Establishment of s.r.o. tailored from 499 €

We will register your company for VAT

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Ready made companies for sale from 599 €

eladó szlovák cég

Ready made s.r.o. (Ltd.) for sale - VAT registration § 7a - with white card - if necessary, we will ensure the full VAT registration.  

599 €

sro platca DPH

Ready made s.r.o. for sale - full VAT registration § 4 - with pink tax card - clean company entitled to VAT deduction.

2999 €

eladó szlovák cég

Ready made group for sale: limited partnership company with full VAT registration § 4, general partner is another limited liability company

3499 €

Or are you interested in a totally new company?

We offer the establishment of a company according to the possibilities of the client PERSONALLY, or you can also attend the "personal meeting" ONLINE, resp. via phone.

The choice is yours.

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"They helped me to realize my unique idea. I´m completely satisfied. I can only recommend them"


"We have been working together since the very beginning. Super consulting company and company founding agency. Thank You."

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Everything that you need under one roof - we take 100% responsibility for our work!

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How does it work?

1. Data collection

Depending on the method of the establishment (in person or online), we will send you our questionnaire, which you can fill in yourself or we can fill it together. In this step, the place of residence (registered office) must also be considered. If you need a virtual residence, we will be happy to provide you this service.

2. Consultation in person or online

If necessary, we will be happy to provide you with professional consultation for the selection of the most suitable form of business, scope of the business, etc. This step may precede step no. 1.

3. preparation of the documents for signature

We will ensure and prepare all the administrative obligations for you. All you have to do is certify the prepared documents at a notary, then send the signed documents back to us.

4. establishment of the company, submission of documents

We will arrange the certificate of the trade license and company ID no., entry in the commercial register, registration for income tax (DIČ).

After the entry into the commercial register, we will hand over all the documents to you.

5. Subsequent cooperation

After the establishment of the company, you will have to keep double-entry bookkeeping, electronic mailbox management, communication and representation in front of the authorities, tax registration, etc., which we will be happy to provide for you.